We translate and interpret for profesional, legal, medical and technical ends. From academic diplomas and transcripts, as well as migration, pension and residency documents, driving licenses, health certificates, penal records, reports, articles, books and CVs. We taylor to your needs.


Official translations certified by a Costa Rican public translator


This translation service usually takes between 1-4 business days depending on the type and quantity of documents to be translated. Costs vary accordingly. In general terms, the certification of a one-page national document costs 15,000 colones plus VAT, or 12,000 colones per page for multi-page documents. If the format of the documents is more complex or literary, costs vary between $.08 and $.15 cents per word.


Technical translation


Technical translations that do not require official certification are treated as literary translations, with a rate is varying between $.08 and $.15 cents per word, according to the document and the type of translation service. We have experience in handling legal translations, medical translations, reports, articles, essays and books.


Urgent Translation


We have a special expedite service. For this purpose it is best to write or call us directly at: (506) 83904744




We provide services of consecutive and simultaneous personal or group interpretation, for meetings and congresses as well as certified interpretation for judicial proceedings.